Apple Launches a New UK-only Ad to Promote Music-Making on Mac


Apple released a new music page with the name ‘Behind the Mac‘. The page is exclusive for the United Kingdom and features a brand new ad titled ‘Behind the Music. Behind the Mac‘, as well as portraits of various artists that use Mac devices in their everyday life to make music.

The page aims to promote the Mac as a trusty device with which artists are able to make great music and grow as performers. It’s also the perfect opportunity for Apple to highlight its music software GarageBand, Logic Pro X, MainStage 3, as well as accessories like Apogee’s HypeMiC, ROLI Songmaker Kit, etc.

After the featured video, the page states that:

“Mac is the instrument of choice for musicians everywhere. From your very first note to that breakthrough moment, Mac helps you develop as an artist and a performer.”

mac for music making
It’s unclear why the company chose to promote this page exclusively in the United Kingdom, but with London being the home to many talented artists and famous recording studios, the choice to get the attention of the British music scene might be the right one.


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