Apple May Release Foldable iPad with 5G Next Year


Everyone has been talking about foldable phones, but have you ever thought about foldable tablets?

The IHS Markit analyst Jeff Lin Apple suggests that Apple is currently working on a new flagship iPad with a bunch of new features.

The upcoming iPad will reportedly support 5G, featuring a display similarly sized to a MacBook Pro (e.g. 13 inches or 15 inches if we consider the latest Pro lineup; the current iPad Pro is 11 and 12.9).

Identically to the previous iPads, the new device is also supposed to include an Apple-designed A-series chip, and according to Jeff Lin, it could be released as soon as next year.

Having that in mind, we should say that it is just a rumor for now, as Apple has not announced anything on the matter. In any case, if we consider the fact that the company has yet to reveal actual plans for a foldable or 5G phone, it’s not certain that an iPad with those features will be released soon.

Presently, Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad and 12.9-inch iPad Pro are two of users favorite tablets, with powerful A10 Fusion processors, long battery life and high-quality cameras, so a foldable 5G iPad would be a great addition to the lineup.


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