Apple Presents Silver/Black Magic Accessories for the New Mac Pro


The new Mac Pro is yet to be released this fall, and a photo asset already reveals the new Apple Magic accessories, featuring a keyboard in silver and black without the numpad.

By now, Apple has only made its space gray Magic Keyboard in the larger variant which includes the number keypad. Several days ago, Steve Troughton-Smith noticed that the new photo asset shows off the upcoming silver and black accessories for the Mac Pro that Apple first unveiled at WWDC.

These accessories will not only look great with the upcoming Mac Pro, but will also pair perfectly with the other silver finishes for Apple’s MacBook, iMacs, and iPad Pro.

When the company first released the space gray Magic Keyboard, Trackpad and Mouse, they were only available with the iMac Pro (creating wild resale prices for a short time). After a while, Apple started selling them as standalone accessories. Nevertheless, the company hasn’t made space gray Magic Keyboard without the numpad yet.

Apple first presented the new Mac Pro at WWDC 2019, when it unveiled the new desktop and the upcoming Pro Display XDR with the silver and black keyboard with a number keypad. Now, the new photo shows off that users are probably getting a Magic Keyboard in a color other than silver and white without the numpad.

Presently, Apple charges a premium of $20 for space gray Magic accessories. There is no information on what the company will do with its new silver and black Mac Pro accessories yet, but users are hoping that they will be available on their own at some point. In any case, it’s great to see both a numpad and non-numpad version of the latest finishes.


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