Apple’s Next iPad Pro Could Come With a Triple-Camera Array


Apple is expected to release an iPhone with a triple-camera array on the back this year. However, apart from the new iPhone, there’s been another widely-spread rumor lately, suggesting that the company’s next iPads might also get multiple rear camera systems.

According to Mac Otakara from AppleInsider, the next iPad Pro could come with a triple-camera array, while the regular 10.2 inch iPad might have a dual-camera system.

Earlier this year, Apple updated its iPad Air and iPad Mini, and now the company is expected to present some additional updates for iPad and iPad Pro, which could feature the new camera systems.

According to some accessory diagrams from Apple suppliers cited by Mac Otakara, the new iPad Pro is getting a bigger camera array later this year, while the upcoming iPhone 11 is getting a similar system.

The diagrams also point that the 6th generation iPad might get the same dual-camera setup that the iPhone 11 LCD model will have. According to the website, the models could launch in October, this year.

Despite the fact that Apple has already presented a dual-camera system in several recent iPhones, the company hasn’t carried them over to its tablets. For instance, the latest iPad Pro has a single camera with 12-megapixel sensor, and the latest iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad have 8 megapixel sensors.

In any case, the experts claim that the multiple-camera system could be part of Apple’s AR ambitions, and earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that the triple-camera array in the upcoming iPhones would be used for augmented reality apps, and the iPad Pro could be the next to get the same system.


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