Read Aloud is Now Supported by Microsoft Edge Browser on Mac


Thanks to the new feature Read Aloud supported by Microsoft Edge on Mac, Apple users can now have websites read out loud.

This is a perspective that improves the accessibility and gives users another option for consumer content.

Currently, the Microsoft Edge browser is in the process of switching into a Chromium-based browser on all platforms. This means that the developer and the canary channels of Microsoft Edge are Chromium based on both Windows 10 and Mac machines.

Read Aloud is the feature that lets users who are visually impaired or would like to have online text read to them aloud, browse freely the web. The new feature is also a great tool which will help users to proofread documents on Internet.

The Microsoft Edge browser blends the design of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and Mac. It fits in well on Mac devices while still looking good to Windows 10 users.

If you want to test the browser on your own, visit the official Microsoft’s website.

Photo Credits: Windows Central


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