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Mac mini 2019 Rumors: Release Date, Price, Specs and Design

Last October, Apple’s Mac mini got a huge update, which was four years in the making. That being said, should we expect that the next Mac mini update will not be anytime soon, or is it likely that there will be a new model in 2019?mac mini

Mac mini 2019 (2020) release date

According to rumors, Apple will unveil the updated Mac mini in October 2019, but a launch in spring next year is more likely. Of course, the WWDC (Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference) 2020 is an option as well.

Mac mini 2019 (2020) price

It is rare for Apple to change prices, except for currency fluctuations. This year, UK consumers saw a £100 increase for the top MacBook Pro model in July 2019. However, there was a £100 drop in the price of the MacBook Air.

But will the Mac mini see a similar price change? Well, users are certainly hoping for a price drop. The Mac mini used to be Apple’s cheapest Mac product, with the starting price of £499. Now the product costs £799, which still puts it in the first place for the lowest price, but it’s still more expensive than its original cost. This makes the probability of the Mac mini’s price drop unlikely.

Mac mini 2019 (2020) design and specs

Potentially, Apple could bring the 9th generation octa-core Intel processors, as they have with the MacBook Pro. A popular suggestion is that Apple could add discrete graphics and improved cooling system. But to have that would mean to make more room inside the unit. This task can be made possible by separating the power supply from the unit, as it is with the Mac notebooks.

Until now, we could see the Mac mini being shipped with 128GB SSD as standard, which many felt was not enough. That’s why it’s possible to see Apple increasing the SSD memory and make 256GB and 512GB as the new standard for this product. Also, many users hope that the company will make the Mac mini easier to upgrade.

Rumor has it, that Apple is working on developing its own processors, so the company is less dependent on Intel, who have been struggling with their own processor development.

You can get a Mac mini from Apple’s online store by following this link to their official page.

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